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Kingsbury Auto Electrical
(03) 9470 4914

Installation, service and repair of modern car air conditioning systems is a highly specialised area

Automotive Airconditioning.

One that we here at Kingsbury Auto Electrical are able to perform with complete confidence.

We can regas your old system as well as checking all components and connections such as compressors and condensers, or if necessary supply and fit replacement parts or an entire unit.

We are fully licensed by ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council) to service and maintain refrigeration systems on vehicles.

Our experienced team will find your problem and get your car starting right.

Don’t trust your car’s electricals to anyone else.

Call now: (03) 9470 4914,
Fax: (03) 9471 3449,
E-Mail: [email protected],
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8AM – 5.30PM, Saturday by appointment.